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Sticky Fingers

Note that in the very first printing of the third edition of Organizing Solutions for People with ADHD the ‘example’ sentence above was inadvertently cut rendering the whole paragraph unintelligible. Although the error has been corrected in subsequent printings, I have reprinted the entire paragraph here for anyone who comes looking.

Sticky fingers. The “sticky fingers” method was taught to me by one particularly clever client, who used it sparingly but effectively for those few items she absolutely could not lose. For example, “the keys are stuck to your fingers until placed in the key basket, which magically releases the ‘stick.’” This is an effective strategy that we don’t want to overuse. It is just for phone, wallet, keys and one or two items that can get lost if they are not immediately placed in their “home.” Overuse it, and you will stop using it, so guard it well!

Organizing Solutions for People with ADHD
Newly Revised and Updated in a Third Edition!
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